CO2 Laser Rotary Attachments

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The CO2 Laser Rotary attachments are used for Marking and Engraving Cylindrical objects

Advance Machinery offers two types of CO2 Laser Rotary attachments:

  • Surface Drive Rotary 
  • Center Drive Rotary 
The Surface Drive Rotary Attachments

The wheels on the right hand side of the rotary attachment are the Drive Wheels which spin the cylinder, bottle, etc. 

The wheels on the left hand side are for support with adjustable controls for height and length.(As below)

 The Height and Length Adjusters are found behind the Support wheels on the left

At the top is the height adjustment Knob and Locking Mechanism and at the Bottom is the length adjustment Knob (As below)

Height adjustments can be done by rotating the Knobs.

Rotate Knob (1) to align the cylindrical object Horizontally thus lifting or lowering the Support Wheels.                              

Rotate Knob (2) after aligning the cylindrical object to lock it’s position.(As below)

Length adjustments can be done by rotating the Knob to loosen and lock it on the rail..

To accommodate cylinders of Different length

Rotate Knob (3) to loosen the grip on the rail in order to move the Support Wheels left to right.

After Placing the cylindrical object on the Support Wheels tighten the knob to lock it.(As below)

The Surface Drive Rotary Attachment is mainly used for geometrically even objects such as glasses and wine bottles

Below is an example of the placement of an object on the Drive Wheels and Support Wheels

The Center Drive Rotary Attachments.

The Center Drive Rotary Attachment supports cylindrical Objects which are more Geometrically Uneven

The object is placed in the middle of the Spindle and Chuck (1) and the Adjustable Support Clamp (2)

The Adjustable Support Clamp (2) has a Locking Mechanism in order to lock and unlock its position along the rail.(As below)

The Adjustable Support Clamp is easy to lock and unlock in order to adjust for the varying lengths of the objects being placed into it (As below)

Both the Surface Drive and Center Drive Rotary Attachments use the same 5 Pin Connector for installation into the C02 Laser Cabinets as seen below.

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