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Things To Consider When Buying A CNC Router


For small home-based businesses that do not employ large materials, such as Sign Writing businesses, a lighter router is ideal. Our router is compatible with single-phase 220V electricity, so it can work with household electricity and can be relied upon while working from home. You need to ensure the machine you choose has sufficient capacity to complete complicated tasks quickly and cost-effectively. Besides being energy efficient, smaller routers are also more affordable.

Expanding signage businesses that have moved their operations to factories generally require routers that can handle larger materials of between +- 1.8 m wide and+- 2.7 m long, such as Supawood, Chipboard and Melamine board. Larger materials also require a bigger dust extractor and we recommend a 2 x 3m CNC Router with a stronger vacuum pump of S.S kW; a dust extractor of 3 kW, S or S.SkW; a spindle for higher torque and a stepper motor, which achieves better than O.5mm accuracy.

Unlike signage businesses, shop fitting businesses need high accuracy and precision to produce better quality products that fit together seamlessly. To this end, some of the popular materials used also include Supawood and Melamine boards of 1.8 x 2.7 m. Therefore, a 2 x 3m CNC Router with a servo motor that provides better than O.OSmm accuracy and a S.SkW spindle, is ideal.


If you only do single cutting with one tool, the automatic tool changer will not be required. However, if your business also completes cutting of components almost similar to furniture such as drawers, you will require several different tools, in which case an automatic tool changer will come in handy and will eliminate the margin for error.

Much like shop fitting businesses, furniture businesses demand high accuracy and precision as all the components produced need to fit together. When using standard-size boards such as Supawood or Chipboard of 1.8 x 2.7m, a 2 x 3m CNC Router is perfect for your application. If, instead, you are working with Plywood of 1.2 x 2.4m, then a 1.3 x 2.5m CNC Router is recommended.

However, if you are employing real Timber wood or super-sized Chipboard or Melamine Board, that is close to 2m wide and 3.5, 3.6 or 3.8m long, you require a CNC Router with a table size of 2 x 4m. The linear automatic tool changer is also recommended for furniture businesses.

For engineering companies, precision, accuracy and control are three key ingredients to ensure a successful product and business. The engineering Industry uses very thick, and more expensive, materials such as: engineered plastic, solid aluminium, and other engineered composite material. This means that maximum control is crucial when cutting the material to avoid any damages. These companies should look for routers with a Servo Motor for better accuracy and a carousel automatic tool. Our routers boast an intricate hand wheel control, as well as a bigger screen, which, in turn, provides more control and a direct view of the cutting process on code level.


AM.CO.ZA’s EasyRoute CNC Router Series are suitable for any industry and cut any material softer than Aluminium. The company has a wide range of routers to suit your business, budget, application and material needs. The larger models boast a vacuum table that can hold the material by using vacuum power, as well as T-Slot clamping stripes on the vacuum table in order to make the clamping process more convenient for you.

The company also has a CNC Router that is tailored for cutting rock material used for manufacturing products such as counter tops and tombstones. It features a Servo Motor that provides sufficient torque to cut such materials, as well as a water cooling table that sprays recycled water onto the tools and stone surfaces to avoid overheating of the tooling system and cracking of the material as well as to prolong the tool lifespan. This CNC Stone Router also features an optional automatic tool changing system should your application require frequent change and use of different tooling equipment.


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