How do I Align the Laser Optical Eye to do Contour Cutting or Plotting

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Open FlexiSTARTER Software…

Create Your Design.

Select your Design, Click on Effects and Select Contour Cut.(See Picture Below)

border will appear around your lettering after Selecting Contour Cut.

Contour Cutting can be done with or without holes.(See Picture Below)

The Offset can be changed on the Arrow pointing at the rectangle with the value”11.000mm” using the Up or Down Arrows.

When done with the changes, Click on the Green tick to apply the changes.(See Picture Below)

Click on Effects and Select Contour Cut MarkFour marks will appear on your design. (See Picture Below) 

Use 4 Point and click on the Green Tick to apply the Marks on your design in order to do Contour Cut. (See Picture Below)

Print the Image/Design and Insert it into the V-Smart Vinyl Cutter.

The number 4 should be at Bottom left and number 1 at Bottom right.(See Picture below)

Click on the Cut Contour Button…on the Cut Contour window Click on Send Button.(See Picture Below)

When the Alignment window appears click on Ok.(See Picture Below)

The Interactive Alignment window will appear.

Either use the Arrows provided on the window or use the one’s on the Keyboard to align to the Mark.(See Picture Below)

After aligning to the Mark on the Design/image using the Arrow keys, Click on OK to proceed to the next Mark.(See Picture Below)

After Clicking on the OK button for the 4th time the V-Smart window will appear with the size of your Cutter.

Don’t click anything Yet.

Press the Origin Button in the middle of the 4 arrows.(See picture Below)

After Pressing the Origin Button on the V-Smart Vinyl Cutter,

The optic laser eye should switch off and the Pen/Blade move to it’s place.(See Picture Below)

Click the OK button on the window that appears with V-Smart and cutter size in order start the Contour Cut.(See Picture Below)

The end result should be similar to the Image/Design on the Picture Below

For a video click on the following link

For more information about the V-smart Vinyl Cutter visit

[amcoza product=Plotter_VSmart_Software]

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