How do I use the built in Shape Library on the Plasma Cutter?

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The shape library has basic shapes stored on the machine memory for quick and easy access. The shapes can be modified to meet the user requirements.

The following steps/instructions should be followed in order to use the SHAPE LIBRARY:

On the screen an option is written below the key you must press on the Control Panel, for example, Key F1 corresponds to the SHAPELIB and pressing F1 on the panel opens the Shape Library on the screen.

(Make sure the machine is switched ON and you have pressed ESC to proceed to this step)

Press on the F1 button on the panel to access the SHAPE LIBRARY(See picture below).

There are 48 basic shapes in the SHAPE LIBRARY. Use the GREEN ARROWS to move the highlight until you get to the shape you desire to work with(See picture below).

After highlighting the shape you desire to work on press F8 to load the shape you selected(See picture below).

After loading the shape you can change the different dimensions according to need. SIZE 1 corresponds to the WIDTH of the part as shown in the image and SIZE 2 to the HEIGHT and so on. Be sure to remember every dimension is in MILLIMETERS(See picture below).

Use the numbers on the panel to enter the value you want.

Make sure to enter the digit in full. If it is an exact value put number then the comma and zeros after the comma.…Numbers are have the darker grey color below the letters…Comma is under the D on the Number pad(See picture below).

Use the green DOWN arrow or green UP arrow to move into the next value row after entering your values for the machine to change the values.

After entering the values according to need press F8 to proceed and load the part for cutting(See picture below).

This screen will appear showing you the part that you have loaded(See picture below).

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