How To Create Toolpaths Using CAMDuct On A MetalWise CNC Plasma Cutter

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This article is a basic guide on how to create NC Code to run a ducting project on the MetalWise CNC Plasma Cutter by Advanced Machinery (For more information on the MetalWise CNC Plasma Cutter follow this link –

Once the required ducting design work has been done on the Autodesk CAMDuct software package the job is saved under the Items window of the Job Contents tab ready to be processed

The next step is to setup the Processes, by clicking on the Setup Processes button the Processes window will be displayed (as below) where the Nesting Options can be set and the option to have the items Automatically Nested can be set On or Off by using the Tick Box provided. 

Make sure the Write NC tick box is selected and click on the Select Machine button to select the Post Processor for the CNC Machine. In the Trial version of CAMDuct there is only a generic Post Processor available for selection, but this processor does work for the MetalWise CNC Plasma Cutter

The Select Machine button opens the Process NC for Machines window where the Post Processor can be selected for use to generate the NC Code in the correct format for the machine to understand and process

The Post Processor and the Nesting Options only have to be set once and the same settings will be used for all future jobs, unless modified, these settings will not change

Once the settings are all configured to satisfaction, click on the Write NC button as shown below, the Write NC window is then displayed where a few selections can be made relating to the saving of the NC Code

Using the Drop Down Box under the Save to Removable Media tick box will allow you to select the correct Drive Letter for your Removable USB Disk, once the correct Letter has been selected, make sure the Removable Drive is physically attached to the PC and click the OK button

The newly generated NC Code is then saved to the Removable USB Disk of your choice to transfer from USB Disk to your MetalWise CNC Plasma Cutter for processing


For more information about your MetalWise Plasma Cutter please use the following links: and


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