How To Manually Clean FastCOLOUR Large Format Printer Printhead Blockage, Inks & Pipes

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How To Manually Clean Printer-Head, Inks & Pipes

  • Firstly, make sure that the Large Format Printer is switched off (by pressing the top part of the Green button, on the right side of the Printer.) before you commence with the manual cleaning process.
  • It is advisable to put on rubber gloves in order to prevent ink spillage.
  • There are two (2) Printer Panels located on each side of the Large Format Printer. (see picture below)
  • The Printer Panel on the Right side of the Printer has the Printer Head located inside of it.
  • Open both of the Printer Panels before commencing with the manual cleaning process of the Printer.
  • To avoid generating Static, gently move the Printer Head by using hands from the Right Side all the way to the Left Side. (see picture below)
  • Underneath the Printer Head Cover, there is the small silver/shiny Printer Head that is a Square Shape (see picture below)
  • The below are needed in order to clean the Printer Head:
  • Printer Head Station Cape, Thin Plastic Tube & a Surgery Syringe (see picture below)
  • Attach (press & hold) the Printer Head Station Cape against the small silver/shiny Printer Head (making sure there is no air in-between) (see picture below)
  • Then slowly draw/pull the “handle” of the Surgical Syringe.
  • Wait for a few seconds and the Print Ink will slowly fill the Surgical Syringe
  • Continue to slowly draw/pull the “handle” of the Surgical Syringe until it adequately filled up
  • Remove/detach the Printer Head Station Cape from the small silver/shiny Printer Head while holding it upright (to avoid any spillage, etc.)
  • It is very advisable to use Running Tap Water to drain out the Surgical Syringe together with the Printer Head Station Cape.
  • This Manual Cleaning/Draining Process needs to be repeated until no Ink is left on the Printer Head Station Cape and there is clear tap water pulling through the Surgical Syringe
  • Now, safely put away the “Draining Equipment” for future use.
  • Gently move the Printer Head, by using hands, from the Left Side all the way to the back to the Right Side.(see picture below)
  • Close both the Printer Panels once done.
  • The manual cleaning process needs to be done every single time (i.e. when big blockage on the Printer Head occurs)

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