How to Print from PhotoPRINT RIP Software to FastCOLOUR Large Format Printer

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How to basically print from PhotoPRINT

After successful purchase of the PhotoPRINT Software and having activated it, the below steps should be followed:

  • Double click/open the PhotoPRINT application and the below screen will show up:
  • Click on FILE and scroll down to OPEN
  • Browse to the LOCATION of where the PICTURES are stored: 
  • SELECT your picture/image that you want to print and it will appear on the working area: 
  • On the RIGHT side of the image, there is DESIGN CENTRAL. Use it to insert your MEASUREMENTS of how the image will come out, once PRINTED.
  • On the TOP RIGHT side of the WINDOW, you can RIGHT CLICK on the RULER to change the below:
  • You can also choose the OUTPUT of your image, once printed (landscape or portrait): 
  • Once all these are done, CLICK on the IMAGE
  • On the TOP LEFT SIDE of the screen, CLICK on RIP and PRINT:
  • Few seconds later, the PhotoPrint Production Manager will start up:
  • Make sure that on the TOP LEFT SIDE is the CORRECT PRINTER to be used:
  • You can add/decrease COPIES of the image:
    There is also options of how the image will be printed on the Vinyl:
  • Under the PROPERTIES button, the are other options/tabs i.e. panel size, image resolution, contrast, etc.:
  • Once satisfied and the Printer is Switched ON then CLICK on the SEND button at the BOTTOM right of the screen.
  • The Print-Job will be sent to the Printer and start printing.

Image has been successfully printed: 

  • CLICK on DONE and the Window will close:
  • Lastly, release the Pinch Rollers and take out the Printing Media.

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