V-Series As a Printer For Corel Draw

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I want to cut directly from Corel Draw but I don’t know how.


Configuring the V-Series vinyl cutter as a printer to cut directly from Corel Draw.

(First make sure that the cutter is ON and connected to the COMPUTER)

Click on start and go to devices and printers. See Picture Below.

Before adding the printer drivers for the cutter, verify the port number USB-SERIAL CH340
Click on Add a Printer to begin to install the drivers for the cutter to function as a
Printer. See Picture Below.

In the Add Printer window, select Add a local printer to install the drivers on your Computer. See Picture Below

And then select Use an existing port Click on the drop-down arrow to select the Port Number that you had verified earlier

and then Click on Next. See Picture Below.

On install the printer driver window click on Have Disk… See Picture Below.

In the Install From Disk window click on Browse… to select the drivers that you want to install. See Picture Below.

The folder with the files to install is found on the Utility Disk so browse on to the Utility disk

Open the V-Series Vinyl Cutter  folder. See Picture Below.

Look for a folder named Printer Driver

Open the folder and select AM.CO.ZA Vinyl Cutting Plotter and, click on Open. See Picture Below.

In the Install From Disk window click OK. See Picture Below.

On the Install the printer driver window click on Next. See Picture Below.

In the Type a printer name, verify that is the correct printer driver you want to install AM.CO.ZA Vinyl Cutting Plotter 

And then click on Next to install the printer drivers.See Picture Below.

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