What Is A Media Sensor And How Does It Function?

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What Is A Media Sensor And How Does It Function?

The FastColour Large Large Format Printer has a Media Sensor pre-installed on it. It is securely situated between the first 2 Pinch Rollers on the right side of the Printer.

The main core functions of this Media Sensor are as follow:

  • After switching the Printer ON, the printer head will move from left to right, then back again to its origin position.
  • What follows next is that the Printer will perform its “cleaning process”, making sure that all is in order before printing commences.
  • When the Vinyl is being inserted/fed into the Printer, while the Pinch Rollers are up, it will slide/pass over the Media Sensor.
  • The Media Sensor ensures that there is adequate Vinyl in the Printer before any printing work commences and will indicate a red light(dot) on the Vinyl inserted. (see below picture)
  • While the printing work progresses and either the Vinyl is skew or it is almost finished, the Media Sensor will immediately alert the User, by stopping the printing work. 
  • At this time, the User will be aware that the is an error regarding the Vinyl that was inserted.

How to disable the Media Sensor Functionality:

  • Press the OK (Menu) button on the bottom of the Screen Panel. (see below picture)

On the Screen, it will display numerous options and the User needs to only select Setup Menu, by pressing on OK at the bottom of the Screen Panel. (see below picture)

Next, scroll down (using the down arrow) 

The Warn Paper and selected by pressing on OK at the bottom of the Screen Panel. (see below picture)

OFF & ON options will appear (as seen below)

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